Our latest instructional video is a 4-minute quick-start guide to hosting your WordPress site on Amazon EC2.  Get a super-fast WordPress site for the price of conventional hosting, or even free for a year!

This video is part of a longer article that gives advice on the viability of using Amazon EC2 for your production website, and show you how you can migrate in.  You can now get a high-performance website (comparable to WP Engine) for under $10/mth — and maybe free for the first year.

And I have more good news!  If this is too complex to do yourself, we are happy to help.  You can purchase our AWS / EC2 WordPress High-Performance Hosting Installation, Configuration & Migration Service for just $50 for a very limited time.  And/or you can discuss your hosting options, or any other question or desire you have about your internet business, by booking a super-affordable appointment with me — starting at just $10.


Marc Beneteau
WPAcademy CEO