Needs Assessment or Private Lesson with Marc (15 to 60 minute appointment)

From: $12.50

15 to 60 minute appointment with Marc to discuss your needs, fix your website on-the-fly, or give you a private lesson in WordPress web design.  You can book multiple 15-minute time blocks if you need more time.  We meet over Zoom for discussion and screen-sharing.

Note: if there are no times here that work for you, go ahead and book anyway (the time doesn’t matter) and then write to me with some good times for you.  I can make myself available at other times, I just don’t like to open up 6am appointments by default 🙂 .  My time zone is EST (New York).



Book one or more appointment blocks depending on the amount of time you need.  Use this consultation with Marc to ask questions or get help on anything you need, or setup a private lesson in WordPress web design.  We can even (if there is time) go into your website backend and check anything amiss, including performance or theme issues.  You can also use it to open a conversation of what you need in terms of a membership or courseware site, let us get information about your requirements, and give you a bid for the done-for-you service that starts as little as $200 for a complete membership site installation or $500 for a custom-designed eCommerce-enabled website.  .

We will meet on a Zoom call, so at the time of our appointment you must login at the Zoom link that will be emailed you.