Newsletter (Mailchimp, Mailster, Mailpoet) and Amazon SES Installation Service

$50.00 $40.00

We will install and configure a newsletter system on your site (Mailster, Mailpoet, Mailchimp — your choice), in the case of Mailster or Mailpoet we will configure your Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) account for dirt-cheap email sending (currently $0.10 per thousand emails), add a sign-up box to your site, and create a basic template with your header / logo and signature. For reference see this article. Buying this service also gives you access to our $1000 Curated GPL Software Bundle.

How this works: after you purchase we will start a project and ask you for various pieces of information.  We will need access to your website, to your Amazon AWS account, and to your hosting cPanel. If you are not comfortable sharing your Amazon login, simply change the password to a temporary value and then change it back when we are done.

Optional: we can import your list in from Mailchimp or other service if you like. We can also make a fancy signup box (we use Bloom) for extra billing.