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We are a family-run digital marketing agency with a plan:

Putting YOU in control of your web marketing efforts

We typically undercut our competitors by 30-50% for same-quality service

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Websites from $700

sample-websitesOur custom-designed websites are an astonishing value-blend of attractiveness, functionality, and cost.  Plus you will love the hand-holding and training that comes with — no additional charge.

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Managed WordPress hosting from $10.50/mth

hacker1Conventional hosting companies continue to degrade in performance and support, while true managed WordPress hosts will charge you an arm and a leg.  What if you could find true Managed WordPress hosting for only slightly more than  conventional hosting?

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Live group coaching from $45/mth

introducing-wplive-ultimate-smAre you almost (but not quite) ready to design your own WordPress website, or expand your internet marketing efforts via social media, SEO, or newsletters?  Then join our skilled instructors who will solve your problem in real-time through live small-group webinars.

Choice of 8 or more hours per month, includes free access to a library of commercial themes worth $1300, plus ticket support. And hosting is included!

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Meet up with one of our experts via GotoMeeting technology for hour-long session and work directly together on your technical challenges:

  • WordPress website development
  • Social Media, SEO and Newsletter marketing
  • Productivity and Group Collaboration software (Asana, Smartsheet, IQTell, etc.)
  • Gmail, Google Services
  • Video Production
  • And more…

Tell us your problem and we’ll figure it out together.  Free 10-minute phone sessions are available by appointment. And you can engage our services for as little as $100!

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[ ] Free 10-minute consultation

[ ] Website design and development

[ ] Graphic or print design

[ ] SEO or Social Media marketing

[ ] Newsletter marketing

[ ] Productivity and group collaboration tools

[ ] General business development / marketing advice

[ ] Outsourcing advice and leads

[ ] Book publishing and book marketing

[ ] Help with video production or video technology

[ ] Speaking and live events

[ ] Other:  ____________________

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