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Why WP Academy?

WP EncyclopediaWP Academy programs are complete A-Z, beginner to advanced courses on the technology of web marketing, using the world’s favorite small-business website development platform, WordPress. Our courses are for small business owners, self-employed professionals, social media marketers, virtual assistants, traditional (HTML-based) webmasters… anyone who wants to learn how to create professional WordPress websites that sell.

Quite simply, we have been teaching these courses for 3 years to hundreds of satisfied customers, and nobody does this better than we do.  We offer a complete package of  Training + Support + Software that is expressly designed to get you everything you need to professionally design WordPress websites for yourself or your clients. Save yourself a ton of time and money by not having to outsource your website development; and/or make high-value websites for your clients with speed and ease, and sell these custom websites for whatever the market will bear.

All of our programs include access to the WP Encyclopedia™ 2014, currently the largest single reference source for WordPress web design and web-marketing technology on the web — and also the only one with a comprehensive, searchable index of WordPress plugins.

Here is what you will learn

The course is for everyone who wants to learn web technologies for the purpose of developing business on the internet.  In addition to the fundamentals, you will get a very thorough overview of WordPress functionality, useful tools and plugins, and in-depth reviews of many popular themes and theme frameworks, both free and commercial.  We also have full session on search-engine optimization, mailing lists and shopping carts, WordPress ecommerce and membership systems, and video production and distribution.

Week 1: Fundamentals 1

We hit the ground running with a detailed overview of what WordPress is all about, as well as:

  • WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS): What and Why
  • Domains & Hosting
  • WordPress user-interface & basic layouts
  • Configuring static site, “mixed” sites, & permalinks
  • WordPress Data Elements: Posts, Pages and Links
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Installing plugins

Week 2: Fundamentals 2

We go one more step here with advanced content creation, including:

  • WordPress menus and navigation bars
  • Links
  • Using the media library, posting images
  • Advanced Visual Editor (TinyMCE), entering tables, and heading levels
  • The all-important Text Widget: posting forms and images to your sidebar
  • Windows Live Writer (advanced content creation tool)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): downloadable pdf’s etc

Week 3: Theme selection

Styling a site correctly is the difference between an amateur-looking website and one that looks professional. Choosing the right theme is half the work, and in this session we bring it down to earth for you by demonstrating some popular theme frameworks.

  • Introduction to Themes & Theme frameworks
  • Image management / Banner design with
  • Styling a Weaver site
  • Styling a StudioPress theme
  • Styling a WooTheme

Week 4: Plugin selection

  • Choosing the best plugins for your site is challenging.  In this session we cover the the top (and essential) WordPress plugins by category:  Navigation, Social media sharing, Backup & Security, Portfolios, audio and video embedding, and more

Week 5: HTML/CSS, Backup & Security, Moving Sites, Commenting

  • HTML and CSS introduction: the 5-6 HTML and CSS commands that do 90% of the work
  • Backup and Security
  • Moving Sites
  • Commenting & moderation

Week 6: Lead generation, Membership & E-commerce

  • Newsletter/autoresponder systems
  • RSS-to-email systems
  • Payment systems & shopping carts
  • Membership systems

Week 7: SEO, Social Media Sharing & Follow-me

  • Traffic sources
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Keyword analysis (using free Market Samurai)
  • Google analytics

Module 8 : Online video

  • Equipment choices
  • Shooting & lighting
  • Editing
  • Video delivery technologies

Programs at a glance

  • WordPress Essentials for Business (Donation-based!) is our popular, fast-start training sequence designed to get you creating professional WordPress websites
  • WP Encyclopedia™ is for the do-it-yourself kind of person who wants a comprehensive training and reference source
  • WordPress for Business LIVE™ gives you one-on-one assistance from our experts, on your own schedule, along with a complete toolkit including themes and stock photos

Almost everyone needs a little hand-holding in the early stages of learning web technologies — save yourself hours of frustration and missed opportunity by getting the help you need from the get-go.

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WordPress Essentials for Business

  • Quick-start tutorial (90 min) for creating a professional business website
  • Covers almost all the WordPress user interface along with important concepts (themes, plugins, images etc)
  • We learn by doing as we build out a website for a real client
WordPress Business Encyclopedia 2014

  • 8 short courses covering every aspect of creating, promoting and monetizing a WordPress website
  • Searchable database of 330 topics in WordPress web design, theme selection and customization, plugin selection and more
  • Reference section covering technical topics such as moving WordPress, Google services, designing graphic headers, and more
  • Bonus: 8 recordings from our popular “WordPress for Business LIVE” course
WP Live w/ Group Coaching,Themes, Stock Photos

  • 2-3 hrs/wk of drop-in coaching groups (unlimited attendance)
  • Coaching groups are offered through GotoMeeting technology and happen morning, afternoon and evening time in EST time zone — so whatever your schedule and time zone you should be able to find a group that works for you.
Theme Club ($1350 aggregate value)

  • Unlimited downloads from 5 extremely popular commercial theme families
Stock Photo Club

  • 6 Stock photos a month from 12 million+ photos on
COST FREE $1 – $97

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