introducing-wplive-ultimate-smWP Live, our live coaching program, is a super-affordable way to get expert advice on any issues you are having with your website or internet marketing efforts.  You come on the calls, ask your questions, and, if you wish, turn over your website to your instructor who will make immediate changes.  Sharing the time with others can be useful as well, as you learn from the problems others are having.

Here is everything you get with a low monthly membership

Group Coaching

  • 2-3 hrs/wk of drop-in coaching groups (unlimited attendance)
  • Coaching groups are offered through GotoMeeting technology and happen afternoon and evening time in EST time zone

Theme Club ($1350 aggregate value)

  • Unlimited downloads from 3 extremely popular commercial theme families
  • We will also help you choose a theme for your site (a critical decision)

WordPress Essentials for Business (self-study course)

  • Quick-start tutorial (90 min) for creating a professional business website
  • Covers almost all the WordPress user interface along with important concepts (themes, plugins, images etc)
  • We learn by doing as we build out a website for a real client
Subscribe to WP Live ($25/mth)

Marc explains the WP Live Offer in this short video

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