Why use WP Academy for your website development?

If you have time to read, see Our Philosophy (or, why we do what we do), and then Top 4 reasons why website development projects fail.

If you don’t have time to read, let us bottom-line it for you:

  • We aren’t out to get the highest-value contract from you. We are out to solve your problem with the greatest impact and the least cost. And in the process, to empower you to where you can update your website and take charge of your newsletter, social media, video marketing, and more.
  • By giving you full access to both our North-American based business development and graphics team, and our offshore team, you will get a website that works for your business purpose (as opposed to a website that may look pretty, but does nothing for your business and which you can’t maintain)
  • We hold your hand the whole way. You meet (via screen-share) with our North-American team a minimum of 3 full hours on each project. During these meetings we answer any questions you have, review sales copy and design ideas, and fix any problems in real-time.
  • The Starter Website Package includes 3 hours of coaching and support from our onshore team and 25 hours of development from our offshore team. This is sufficient for most websites. If your website exceeds those parameters, you will be billed for it (for rates, see below). Of course we will let you know as soon as possible if your site is likely to exceed the limits of the package you have purchased.

Starter Website Package: $700 + Theme cost ($60 or free)

This website package design (or redesign) includes the following:

  • Three hour-long private webinars with our on-shore WordPress and marketing experts. This will include training in updating your site and navigation structure
  • Up to 25 developer hours from our offshore team. You will communicate with them directly via our project management system. Skype calls are also available by request.
  • Header design is included. Logo is extra (or you can try your luck on Fiverr).
  • Content posting: we will post all your content, images, and video, both main content and sidebars, blog page, etc, attractively laid out according to your requirements and our design sense.
  • Newsletter setup (including email header) and training. We usually use Mailchimp because it is free for up to 2000 subscribers.
  • Social Media setup: we will link in your social media sites and (if necessary) create your Facebook business listing and Facebook cover graphic. If you are a local business you should also create a Google Business Listing. We will provide you instructions for this.
  • Unlimited revisions up to the limit of your hours. Additional hours are billed (after your permission) at $100/hr for onshore team and $15/hr for offshore team.
  • Free Managed WordPress Hosting for 6 months (optional).
  • We will set up your Google Analytics.
  • Basic SEO will happen in your final session (keyword research, Title tag and Meta-Description)
  • Finally we will install a licensed copy of BackupBuddy (the leading WordPress backup software) and setup automated backups to your free AWS cloud storage. This is important for the security of your site.

Here is the process we go through

  1. We start with a free 15-minute call to see if we are a good match for each other. Fill out our Contact Form if you would like a call. If you decide to work with us, you then purchase the package.
  2. You then book your first call with us. You get 3, hour-long calls with your project manager / online marketer / business expert, which take place via screen-share. In your first call we usually cover domain and hosting, review your business plan, sales copy, current marketing materials and purpose of the site, sketch out your site and start to look at themes. In the second call we choose a theme and finalize your requirements. If your initial intake takes less than 2 hours, you get to use those hours on the back-end.
  3. We then turn your site over to our offshore team, who will build it out according to your requirements and feedback. This includes header design, colors, graphics, all your content and sidebars, social media links, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, Facebook business page, Newsletter subscription and email template. You communicate with your offshore team via our project management system (threaded discussion). Normally your project manager does not participate in this part of the build, but you can call him in if necessary to review progress or answer question.
  4. After your site is finished and approved by you, you schedule your third call with your project manager. In this final call we will do a basic SEO for your site and teach you how to update your content and navigation. If there is time, we will also teach you Google Analytics.
  5. You can work on your site any time you like, adding content, configuring sidebars, etc. If you know WordPress we actually encourage you to work on your site in parallel with your developer.
  6. Additional time can be booked at the following rates: Project Manager $100/hr. Off-shore developer $15/hr.
  7. Also included is unlimited access to WP Academy group coaching and our theme library (aggregate value of $1350) during your website build. Coaching sessions take place 2-3 times a week via webinar, and are the perfect place to take your questions about issues that can’t be covered in the private calls (or if you run into trouble with your site).

The end result of this process is a complete website which is attractive, fulfills your business objective, and is completely expandable and customizable by you, by your own developer, or by us.

Your Responsibility

Please understand your responsibilities before you purchase this package. (Indeed the reason we can do so much for so little is that we need your active engagement in the process).

  1. You need to drive the project. Specifically, you need to prepare your draft content, imagine the navigation / pages of your site, initiate calls with your project manager, and give feedback to your developer in a timely manner.
  2. You need to do your own image (stock photo) research. We suggest you get a free one-month trial at Adobe Stock Images which gives you 10 images for free. Of course you can request our team to suggest some images, but nobody can decide what you like and what is relevant to your business better than you.
  3. There is a 90-day hard deadline for completion, which starts after your first hour-long appointment. This should be plenty of time; most builds take 2-3 weeks.
  4. You must pay upfront. This way we just focus on getting your site done.
  5. Understand that certain additions will cost extra — see below — while some others (e.g. simple sales-letter sites) may also come in at less than $700. We will discuss this in your initial call.
  6. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with our service, we will arrange a pro-rata refund based on hours incurred. Short of negligence on our part, you are responsible for billable hours even if you don’t like the product.

Website add-ons

If you have any other needs (ie. Ecommerce, Membership Systems, Logo design or Branding assistance, Print design, Advanced SEO and link-building, etc.) then please mention them in your initial contact form.

You own all artifacts produced by us under contract with you.

Higher-end websites

We do higher-end websites as well! If you need a more richly-designed site, entirely done-for-you services, or assistance with brand discovery, messaging and tagline, or marketing, just let us know in your initial submission.

Ready to get started?

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