“It has been a pleasure to be part of your course! I have learned a lot of useful tips and brought my assorted bits of knowledge about WP into a system…” — Anastasia Slukhai

“When I began Marc’s class (WordPress Academy 101), I had the rough beginnings of a website. It looked homemade and crude. It took me lots of time and effort to get that far. In the class, I was able to understand the entire process of creating a website that works and looks great as well. In addition, the resources available to students and the assistance provided go above and beyond expectations. Marc is not only a good teacher but very encouraging as well! If you want help with the process of building a website you can maintain and customize, this class teaches it all!” — Cindi Russell (www.BeyondtheCinderellaStory.com)

“I loved the classes. Although they were very challenging and technical, they were also user friendly for those of us that are new to web design. Because of Marcs instruction and support, I am confident that I can create websites to meet any need. And when I get stuck, there are always the recordings to fall back on. Thank you Marc for sharing your knowledge and expertise” — Cindy Z. (www.beholdasite.com)

“I thought that the class was excellent – it covered a wide variety of topics and Marc is extremely knowledgeable about WordPress. Plus, he genuinely cares about his students and goes above and beyond to assist them. I would highly recommend the class.” — Joan M. Silverio (www.YourInternetMarketingStrategist.com)

“As soon as I have time, I will leave you a raving review! I thoroughly enjoyed your class!” — Sean Makulowich (www.dfi-records.com)

“I would like to say you that this course has been excellent, with a great material, agenda, support, give aways, to name a few. But the most important thing for me is the teacher and the leader of the program “Marc”, he is an excellent teacher, always taking care of you and nice person.  Defintelly I would like to recomend the Wp Academy and I will glad to join in a future course” — Alberto de Torres Pachon, www.ishopper.mobi

“I wanted to thank you for your webinar and your help and assistance during the course. I find it quite amazing I now have a website since just a couple months ago I didn’t have any idea how I was going to accomplish that. Especially since I wanted to do it myself, not hire someone to take it over.” –Leigh Pobst (www.reflectionshealingstudio.com)

“Marc is such a delight to work with. With his expertise and instruction, I now have a beautiful and adaptable website for my business “In The Garden, Design, Care & Workshops.” Quite amazing – workable pages up within 2 weeks; looking good in 6 weeks! After many years of procrastination…. I’m enjoying learning “how to” and so excited to finally say “YES, I have a website – www.inthegardendesign.us.”” — Charlotte Kidd

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with you on Sam’s site. He is so happy with it and full of expansive ideas. And this was my real goal, so thanks. You have a special place in my heart and prayers.” – Sister Michaela, www.samkeen.com

“I’m really pleased with the support I received from Marc Beneteau in putting together a web page for a client. I have some limited experience in web design, but nothing in WordPress, and Marc was there every step of the way, not only with the knowledge only a pro has at his fingertips, but with the tenacity of a bulldog in resolving some of the issues and challenges we faced. I think we broke some WordPress ground here, and I would not hesitate to recommend Marc and his services.” – Harry Krause, www.freetradeunionism.org

“First off let me say ‘Thank you’ very much! Your last one on one session with me taught me more real world ‘this is how you do it’ hands on know how than reading my last three ebooks or viewing 60 minutes worth of so called ‘how to’ videos on the subject of WordPress! Your easy to follow step by step hands on guidance really allowed the information to finally stick! And now I can finally start moving forward and actually configuring my blog exactly the way I want it! Thank you so much! Your no longer confused and extremely frustrated student!” — Mark Newsome

“Excellent course to get started with building a website and web presence. The course was well paced, full of great information, and easy to follow. Marc has a knack for hitting the key points necessary to get a quick start across the wide spectrum of relevant topics.” – www.shalommountain.com

“I started Marc’s training program with little knowledge of WordPress and within a few weeks had a functional, clean site up and running. Anyone with an average knowledge of tech and the willingness to put in a few hours will find the rich underbelly of WordPress much more accessible. Mark tells you all you need to know to avoid the big mistakes saving hours of time, and pre-screens all the “ingredients” you need for a successful WordPress site, such as Themes, Plug-ins, and the like, so you don’t have to”. – James Moche, www.premiumeldercare.com

“Marc’s enthusiasm for and understanding of WordPress is infectious, and helped navigate my own confusion, fears and frustrations. I’m so proud of my new website, and it’s comforting and empowering to know that I now have the skills and confidence to design, build, and maintain as many websites as my little heart desires… look out world!” — Amy Childs, www.unschoolingsupport.com, www.whateveramen.com, and www.amychilds.com “(not yet a WordPress site… but it’s ONLY a matter of time…)”

“This course is amazing. It’s gotten me started in all the topics I’ve always wanted to know more about –creating web sites using WordPress (including themes, plugins, widgets, sidebars, pages, and posts), RSS feeds (and FeedBurner and FeedBlitz), newsletters and contact management programs like Constant Contact, auto-responders, shopping carts, keyword research and SEO, creating video content and YouTube, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We covered so much material. Marc has the knowledge and experience to make any and all of these technologies make sense. I had thought about improving my small business’s web site for years, but this course actually had me do it. Marc is patient and able to explain complex subjects in ways that are easy to understand. With Marc’s help, I see how each tool can benefit me and my site. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to create their own web site but has been afraid to attempt it, or to anyone who simply wants to gain a better appreciation of what’s out there so they can tell a web site developer what they want.” – David Horowitz, www.soundsidesoftware.com

“Marc’s extensive knowledge of web development and marketing helped me to see that there is really no need to spend thousands of dollars on a fantastic website. Hiring a web developer to design a single site would have cost much more than the class and now I have the knowledge to do it myself. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to have a web presence” — Geoff Young, www.goorganics.com

“Until I retired seven years ago, I was developinmig websites professionally. I’ve been “out of the loop” for many years now, and Marc has brought me up-to-date in a short time on the latest methods and strategies. Marc has done his homework. His course is thorough, well-rounded, and full of helpful tips. And Marc is a great teacher! Highly recommended.” –- Stephen S.

“I’m very happy with my website so far, and I really appreciate the time Marc spent working on it. It’s just what I need and wanted. I learned sooo much from his class! I was kind of a Luddite about things like hosting accounts, using templates, and choosing and installing the various necessary software. I dragged my feet a little at first, but as I watched Marc build classmates’ websites from week to week, I gradually felt inspired to learn. My website isn’t finished yet, but his class gave me the information and inspiration I need to continue building a fabulous website for my freelance editing business!” –- Linda Huff-Paul