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Why partner with WP Academy for your student distance learning needs?

See example course listings: WordPress Essentials for Business at Udemy, and WordPress for Business at Learning Annex

These days, every small-business owner, self-employed professional, and entrepreneur needs to know at least the rudiments of website design, web-based marketing and e-commerce, and social media marketing. WordPress is the dominant platform for small-business website development, and integrates extremely well with e-commerce and social media.

WP LiveRealizing this, many continuing education and vocational training institutions have added WordPress to their program. However, teaching WordPress as a platform for creating a Business Website poses particular challenges that are often not met by existing curriculum and teaching methods.

  • Students in any stage of learning web technology are likely to encounter road-blocks that can consume hours of frustrating research, but that an expert instructor can solve in a few minutes. Hands-on training and assistance (e.g., having a lab component to the course), which is available anytime and on the student’s schedule, is imperative.
  • The WordPress software is relatively easy to use, however there is such a wide range of add-ons (themes and plugins), of greatly varying quality, many of them very poorly documented (if at all), that choosing the right theme or plugin for a particular purpose can be daunting
  • In our experience, creating a professional-looking business website requires either using a commercial theme, or else advanced web and graphic skills for customizing free themes. Using commercial themes is the fastest way to create a business-grade website. High-quality commercial themes must be included in the student’s resource kit in order to create the best results for the student.
  • The problem of small-business web marketing is so vast, involving integration of so many different software and services (WordPress, hosting and domain issues, newsletter management systems, shopping carts and payment gateways, SEO, social media integration, membership sites, video production, email management & Google Apps, CRM, etc) that to cover this complete curriculum would take hundreds of hours. Students need a complete reference, something like a “web marketing encyclopedia”, that can give them immediate guidance, recommendations and brief video tutorials covering the precise issue they are having

How WP Academy training addresses real-world Business Website development by non-technical people

WP EncyclopediaOver the course of 3 years, WP Academy has developed a specialized curriculum with one primary objective: getting self-employed professionals and small-business owners on the web, generating leads and sales, in the fastest time and with the minimum of headaches. Unlike most WordPress training, our entire curriculum and methodology is focused on this one end.

  • Our training provides students access to between 8 and 20 hours each week of drop-in group coaching (lab) sessions, which are delivered via GotoMeeting technology. These sessions are staffed by our expert instructors who are able to spend the time one-on-one with the students, addressing their particular needs and problems, even working directly on their sites as they watch
  • Our training includes access to WP Encyclopediaâ„¢, the world’s most comprehensive reference and training guide for WordPress Web Design and Web Marketing Technology. Although still in Beta release (official release Summer 2013), it already covers over 190 topics with brief tutorial videos, all searchable and hyper-linked to each other.
  • Included in our training is access to 5 of the largest publishers of commercial themes in the world. Students can pick any theme(s) they like and get them for free through our system.
  • Also included is access to a library of 16 million stock photos. High-quality graphics is the second most important requirement for making a great website (after commercial themes), so we include this service for free.

How the “WordPress for Business” course works

The WordPress for Business course is an 8-week course that includes 3 live, 2-hour lecture + Q&A sessions. Students attend the first 3 sessions from the comfort of their home via GotoTraining technology. They can use VOIP audio or telephone, and they can interact directly with the instructor, and with each other on chat. Currently Marc Beneteau, founder of WP Academy, teaches the first 3 classes of WordPress for Business.

The first 3 lectures are designed to give the students the foundational knowledge and the support they need to get started in the best way. In weeks 4-8, they continue developing their websites on their own using whatever track they are on — blogging, e-commerce sites, sales-letter / product launch websites, corporate sites, etc. For this they use the extensive resources inside our WP Encyclopediaâ„¢ to guide them.

Whenever students hit a stumbling block or need special assistance in the 8-week series, they can attend their choice of drop-in coaching groups that are offered 8-20 hours a week. These groups are offered morning, afternoon and evening time in EST time-zone, so they can adapt very well to each student’s schedule. We expand or contract coaching group hours flexibly depending on demand in order to create a maximum student / instructor ratio of 6-10. We can even do coaching groups on the weekends if students in a particular class request it.

How you can get started producing WP Academy courses for your institution

We normally start a course section on the first Monday evening of each month. When that section fills (25 students min, 50 students max), we open new sections. The first 3 sessions are usually on a week-day evening, 7-9pm EST, however we’ll schedule them to start anytime if you think you can fill a section (25 students). In weeks 4-8, students continue learning at their own pace while accessing all our resources , including ticket support, group coaching, themes, and stock photos.

Getting started producing a course with WP Academy is quite easy. Just tell us which WordPress for Business course section you want to produce (i.e. “April course, Monday night section”) and start registering your students. We suggest a course fee of $300 per student, which includes: 6 hours of lectures and Q&A, 64+ hours of drop-in lab sessions, access to themes with an aggregate value of $1300, ticket support, and stock photos.

Normally we do a 70-30% revenue split with the institution. After students register, you send them a special registration link that puts them into our system, from where they can access WP Encyclopedia, coaching groups, and all our resources. We limit registration to 50 students per section, so you need to keep in touch with us about your registration counts. We request at least 80% payment within 10 days of the course beginning date, and allow drop-outs with full refund before the third class, minus a $25 cancellation fee.

For additional information and to get started, write to us or else call us at (610) 314-7712, Ext. 1

A few customer testimonials…

Watch the introduction to the WordPress Essentials Training

The WordPress Essentials Training is included in the WordPress for Business Course. It’s a tightly-produced 90 minute training sequence that covers the bulk of the WordPress user-interface along with demonstrations of key concepts.

WP Academy Products and Services Presentation (final lecture in “WordPress Essentials”)