1) WP Clone: Move and Clone WordPress sites

2) Secure RTMP Streaming Video Player for WordPress

1) WP Clone: Move and Clone WordPress sites (Free!!!)

wp-clone***Newsflash (12/20/2012) *** WP Clone is now in the WordPress.org plugin repository!

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What is WP Clone?

WP Clone is a fast, light-weight plugin that allows you to move or clone a WordPress website from one host to another, or from one domain to another. You can use it to change a site’s host or domain name, move a site up or down a directory level, or to copy to and from development versions of your sites (including sites running under local server hosting).

WP Clone is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to copy and migrate WordPress websites — much better even than commercial plugins. Why?

  • Does not require FTP access to either the source or destination site — just install a new WordPress on the destination site, upload and activate WP Clone plugin, and follow the prompts
  • It does not backup or restore the WordPress system files (just the user content and database) — reducing upload time and improving security of your site
  • It fetches the site backup via your host’s direct http connection, which saves you from needing to upload files with FTP
  • It uses the WordPress internal zip archive function, which makes it compatible with virtually 100% of hosts that support WordPress (no special PHP libraries are required)
  • It is free


WP Clone demonstration / training video

More information in our WP Clone FAQ page

Click here for WP Clone FAQ.


2) Secure RTMP Streaming Video Player for WordPress

Our RTMP Player implements Cloudfront Private Distributions for RTMP Streaming Video.  This is an ideal solution for publishers who:

  1. Produce longer videos (more than 15 minutes) and want to save bandwidth and/or allow users to instantly fast forward or reposition the time marker (RTMP protocol only downloads the portion of the video being watched)
  2. Want to provide the maximum possible protection against people copying their videos (RTMP streams are much more difficult to copy than traditional http streaming protocols, such as used on Youtube)
  3. Want to add Index markers to their videos
  4. Want to allow optimal balance between video copy protection and accessibility on all types of devices (iOS and Android)

Click Here for details and test pages >>>