Our philosophy (why we do what we do)

To understand how WP Academy can offer such competitive prices for website design and other digital marketing work, it is helpful to know how we started.

For years our primary focus was teaching WordPress web design and web marketing.  Our mission was to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to create their own websites and take charge of their digital marketing efforts themselves.  We innovated in this space by teaching both live courses and by providing digital content with which we have served over 30,000 people over the years.

Eventually, however, we realized that most people don’t really want to fully design their own sites Nor do they want to pay agency rates for website design when they may just be starting a new business or redesigning an existing site.  They want something in-between, where they can create their own content and menu structures directly in the WordPress software, while having someone else do the “heavy lifting” in terms of visual layout and choice of theme and customization.  They also need help around innumerable issues that come up in their internet business, from marketing and client acquisition to newsletter management, social media, outsourcing, video production, etc.

Fundamentally, people want solutions that are customized to them, and which they can pay for “by the unit”.  They don’t want to sign a long and expensive deliverables contract that they don’t fully understand, only to find out that’s not what they needed at all.  They want a web marketing partner who understands and can adapt to modern-day business development methods, which typically use Agile or similar quick-iteration cycles (as in Lean Startup).  They want a partner  who will leverage outsourcing as much as possible to lower their costs, without sacrificing quality.  And finally, they want someone they can talk to and guide them in real-time towards the solution to their technical and digital marketing problems.

Thus WP Academy was re-born as a small team of professionals from many countries who work together in the way that makes the most sense to handle your need.  We aren’t out to get the highest-value contract from you.  We are out to solve your problem with the greatest impact and the least cost.  And we feel a great sense of pride whenever we are able to accomplish that.

As a consequence of this philosophy, most of the work we do is hourly-billed, and you can engage our services for as little as $100.  We have a particular sympathy and resonance with startup entrepreneurs (hell, we were one ourselves not too long ago).  The only exception to our general policy of hourly billing is in our $700 website package, which includes 3 hours of one-on-one consulting with our North-American based business experts, and your full access to our outsourcing team.


Our Team

Marc Beneteau, Founder. Marc is a WordPress developer, trainer, instructional designer, internet entrepreneur, and internet marketer. He is also an author and trainer in personal productivity and group collaboration tools. Marc will be your first contact as you enter our system: he will listen to you and then recommend and allocate resources according to your need.

George Plumley, Business Consultant and WordPress Developer. George is a respected WordPress author, trainer and coach. He is the author of WordPress 24-hour trainer and Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website, and also writes articles and shoots videos from his popular site SeeHowTo. George has a background in philosophy and broadcasting and lives in Western Canada.